I wanna die on the front page.



Love is easy to fall into, liking is much harder. Think of your wedding as a driving test; you take it, you pass it and then you really start to learn how to drive. 

I’m literally dying inside.

Omg omg omg omg omg omg

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Cedar Rapids (2011) // Directed by Miguel Arteta

We’re just having a good time here.

No, we’re not we’re having the best time.

The fact that this dynamic entails Sigourney playing a teacher smexing her grown up student only makes it better for me. Since I’ve spent my entire life crushing on teachers. And Sigourney Weaver.

Sigourney Win.


Sigourney Weaver made the behind-the-back half-court basketball shot successfully after two weeks of basketball practice, tutored by a basketball coach. She sunk the shot on the very first take, even though she was six feet further past the three-point line. Ron Perlman was completely stunned (and thoroughly impressed), and turned directly at the camera and broke character, saying, “Oh my God!” The editors looked at the shot and decided that there was “enough room to get the scissors in”.

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